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Performance & Competitions

International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore

15 June 2019 | Singapore Drama Centre

International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore (IBGPS) is the first and only dance competition supported by the National Arts Council and the Singapore Dance Theatre. The competition aspires to create opportunities for dancers to thrive and grow, nurturing a future generation of dancers.

Masterpiece International Ballet Competition

21-24 June 2018 | Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Masterpiece International Ballet Competition is dedicated to the promotion of an all-embracing passion and expression of art in motion.

Get The Beat! Asia

5-6 June 2018 | Anglo-Chinese Junior College

A dance competition staged in locations such as Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Asian Grand Prix

11 March 2018 | School of the Arts, Drama Centre

A prestigious ballet competition with Finals held in Hong Kong annually.

Dance Recital 2017

9 December 2017 | The Serangoon

Our inaugural recital featuring 111 dancers,

aged 4-19 years old

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